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Polyflor XL PU Azure

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roll sizes are 20m x 2m (40 square metres)
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Commercial Vinyl Highlights

High Performance

Outstanding Durability

Abrasion Resistance

100% recyclable

A+ rating

Heavy Wear Rated

Underfloor Heating


Easy To Clean


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Commercial Vinyl Accessories

People who bought Polyflor XL PU Azure added comfort and durability to their carpet with these accessories.

    Polyflor XL PU Azure

    Polyflor XL PU Azure is an extremely hardwearing commercial vinyl, featuring a specially formulated polyurethane surface treatment. This superb contract vinyl has outstanding durability and abrasion resistance, and is easy to maintain and also achieves an A+ rating and is recommended for public, institutional and commercial buildings where ease of maintenance and long life under heavy traffic are required sectors such as leisure, health, education and retail as well as hospitals, schools, laboratories and offices
    Polyflor XL PU Azure is available in cut lengths and also in 20m x 2m full rolls, and also comes with a 10 Year Manufacturers Guarantee and is slip resistant, antistati and castor proof

    Additional Info

    • A moisture test must be carried out, to ensure that the subfloor has dried out to a level consistent with the application of vinyl flooring. The test should be carried out using a hygrometer, in accordance with the instructions in BS 8203. The result should not exceed 75%RH, once equilibrium has been achieved.
    • The adhesive used must be approved by Polyflor, to ensure full product compatibility.
    • Products must be fully conditioned to the environment in which they are to be installed, as outlined by Polyflor.
    • Installation must be carried out in accordance with BS 8203 and the instructions of Polyflor.
    • All joints must be welded to produce hygienic, continuous floors.
    • Suitable for use with underfloor heating up to 27°
    • Flexible pvc sheet flooring in a 2mm thickness
    • Use area classification 23/34/43 as defined in EN 685/EN ISO 10874
    • Fully tested to EN 13501-1 in respect of flamespread
    • For slip resistance, classified DS to EN 13893
    • Abrasion group M (EN 660-2) and classified Type II within EN ISO 10581
    • BRE Global A+ rating ENP 472* in major use areas such as education and healthcare
    • Tested to international standards for low VOC emissions.

    Polyflor XL PU Azure Approved Adhesives

    • Horizontal Bond: F44, F46, F49 AF165 KE2000S, KE66 VS90plus, V4SP
    • Horizontal Bond High Temperature: F81, F84 AF2575 KR430 G19, MS4LVT
    • Vertical Bond: F60, F66, F49

    Product Care and Maintenance

    The Polyflor XL PU range of floorcoverings incorporates a polyurethane surface treatment, which protects the floorcovering by resisting soiling and scuffing. This protection facilitates a reduction in the intensity of the construction clean and provides the foundation for the ongoing maintenance regime. This easier cleanability offers maintenance cost savings when compared with non-treated materials. The following maintenance instructions are designed to minimise the cost factor, without compromising the long-term appearance of your floorcovering

    Iinitial Clean

    1. Remove all loose debris
    2. Ensure that all traces of adhesive are removed from the surface of the floorcovering
    3. Mop sweep or vacuum to remove dust and grit
    4. Damp mop with a neutral detergent.
    5. If required, dry buff with a 1000 rpm plus rotary machine fitted with a suitable clean pad

    Routine Maintenance

    The following recommendations are provided as a guideline, and the frequency can be changed to optimise the appearance


    1. Mop sweep or vacuum to remove dust and loose dirt
    2. If required, spot clean to remove stubborn marks with a neutral cleanser.
    3. If required, dry buff to restore finish.


    1. Assess the appearance of the floor.
    2. If required, scrub with a scrubber dryer fitted with suitable pads, and using neutral cleanser (pH 7 to 9).
    3. If required, dry buff to restore finish

    Application of a Floor Dressing

    • The polyurethane surface treatment will provide an initial protection to the floorcovering. However an application of a metalised polish may be required eventually to provide extra protection. The level and intensity of traffic and soiling will determine how soon the polish will have to be applied. For polish free maintenance see the Polyflor PUR range of products. For polish application please follow details of the procedure below.
    • Using an applicator and tray, or Kentucky mop with wringer and bucket, the first coat should be applied thinly and evenly across the floor, to within 200mm of the skirtings. It should then be left to dry. This normally takes approximately thirty minutes, depending on the ambient conditions and the thickness of the coating
    • When the first coat is dry, a second coat should be applied at right angles to the direction of the first. Subsequent coats should be applied at right angles, and the final coat should be applied right up to the skirting
    • Two to three thin coats are usually sufficient to provide excellent resistance to abrasion, scuffing and removal of black heel marking. However, be guided by your own periodic assessments for the particular location
    • In order to minimise costs, subsequent polish applications may be applied only to traffic paths
    • Periodically – generally every six months – assess the appearance of the floor. If there is an unacceptable build-up of polish, this should be stripped and reapplied, as per the instructions above

    Further Information

    If you require any additional information regarding Polyflor XL PU Azure, you can always give us a call 0n: 01749 674859 or Click Here to Email and one of our team will be happy to assist


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    Do i require an underlay?

    Carpets come in 2 main backing types so it can be fitted directly to the floor(felt backing) or installed with underlay and gripper rods(felt backing and Actionbac/Secondary backing).

    On Carpets that have a choice of backing types you will be able to select a backing type directly on the product page before entering your room sizes.

    How do I work out a square meter measurement?
    Measure the length of the room, measure the width of the room. Then multiply these two numbers together.

    Length in Meters x Width in Meters = Total Square Meters

    Note: For complex room shapes, please send us a diagram so we can advise you.

    How much waste should I allow when ordering flooring materials?

    Carpets, Vinyl flooring and Artificial grass you should add at least 10cm to the length and width of your net measurements to allow for cutting and rooms slightly off square

    For tiles and plank flooring you should allow between 10-15% on top of your Net Measurement.

    For more awkward area's please give us a call or send diagrams so we can assist you and advise on quantities.

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      Great customer service and seems a very hard wearing carpet, also the cheapest price i could find online

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      Carpet has now been fitted and is of very nice quality, it was delivered on time and customer service was very good, I had a few questions which were answered clearly by a guy called bradley who really knew his stuff

      Will be recommending and very pleased with the service

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      What can i say apart from simply amazing price for this carpet, website was easy to use and delivery driver was very helpful

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